Great Attorney, very knowledgeable.
Andrew provided me with excellent service and solid legal advice throughout my case. He ensured I understood all possible outcomes even events that were unlikely, before moving forward. Communication was spot on, prompt and straight forward. He provided great results and solved my issue quickly. I highly recommend Andrew.

Nicole Allen

October 29, 2015

Andrew more than exceeded my expectations, was very prompt and courteous

Greg S.

December 30, 2015

Andy and I co-counseled a criminal case together. He was great with the client, and knowledgeable about the law.

Christal L., Business Attorney

September 18, 2015

Kept us from making some serious mistakes.
I was served a restraining order accusing me of harassment by a tenant who was unhappy about our appropriate use of a legal easement to our property. We read that ignoring this sort of action can result in serious consequences. A good friend recommended Mr. Chase's services to us. Very grateful we took her advice, Mr. Chase's competent representation and ability to think outside of the box resulted in the order being rescinded. His approach to the case has resulted in unexpected buy very welcome benefits and our being left alone by the tenant and her family. It's never inexpensive to hire an attorney but Mr. Chase's rates are reasonable and he went out of his way to not run up our bill.


July 5, 2016